TEI program

What is it

The TEI PROGRAM, of which Andrés González Bellido is the author, began its development in 2002 and the implementation process in primary and secondary schools in 2003

It is a coexistence program for the prevention of violence and bullying with the greatest implementation in Spain and one of the first in the world.


Research on the Effectiveness of the TEI Program against Bullying and Reduction of cyberbullying, improving the climate of the center

TEI Cities

The TEI Team is made up of more than 100 professionals who are experts in education and coexistence, 14 territorial coordinators, more than 40 accredited trainers, linked to the University of Barcelona, University of Alicante, University of Santiago Compostela, Francisco University of Vitoria and Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Data and Centers

The TEI program, is within the permanent training programs of the teaching staff of most of the Councils and Education Departments of the Autonomous Communities, it is taught as specialized training in several Masters and Potsgraduates, both in the area of education and psychology and pedagogy.

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